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Corporate Profile

Company name

Japan Transport Engineering Company (J-TREC)

Head office

3-1 Okawa, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama 236-0043 Japan


9th November 2011


3.1 billions yen

Number of Employees

1164 (As of 1st April 2014)

the Corporate Mark


The corporate mark is based on the motif of 3S from "Sougou Sharyou Seisakusho" of its company name in Japanese and "J-TREC"- the abbreviated company name- is placed in the bottom side of the mark.

Furthermore "S" is also the initial letter of necessary key words for rolling stock manufacturing industry, such as "sustina": J-TREC's next generation stainless steel railcar, Shinkansen (high speed trains), Speed, Safety, Strong, Smart, Satisfaction and it stands for our corporate philosophy; we will contribute to customers throughout the world by providing comprehensive technological capability with a particular emphasis on high quality and low life cycle cost rolling stock.

Its design symbolically expresses the image of the running speed of high speed trains against the wind and also expresses J-TREC's vitality, technology and imagination, while its color expresses the image of innovation, reliability and eco-friendliness.

Subsidiary companies

J-TREC Design & Service Company
3-1 Okawa, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama 236-0043 Japan