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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We will contribute to customers over the world by providing
comprehensive technological capability with a particular emphasis on
high quality and low life cycle cost rolling stock.

Basic Principles

To respond to customer's needs

  • We will create products with the highest quality and the finest finish condition.
  • We will grasp customer's voice and fulfill the expectation accurately and promptly.
  • We will supply high-value-added products to meet particular needs of customers.

To bring technological strength to the extreme

  • We will provide safe and reliable products.
  • We will build the world-class"Shinkansen"high speed trains.
  • We will continue to be the leading manufacturer of the stainless steel railcars.

To take Life Cycle Cost into consideration

  • We will always keep cost-consciousness in our mind to generate profits.
  • We will endeavor to achieve cost reduction with inventive ideas.
  • We will supply lower life cycle cost products which can contribute to customer's management.

To contribute to the global market

  • We will expand our management foundation by opening up a global market.
  • We will contribute to the world with comprehensive railway technologies possessed by our group companies.
  • We will practice self-improvement to play an active role in global market.

To enhance the frontline skills by individual thinking and acting

  • We will enhance our competitiveness and create safety culture through our each individual's improvement.
  • We will practice the Three Actuals Concept(Sangen Shugi) to resolve problems adequately and speedily.
  • We observe Compliance and act autonomously.