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Technology for Sustainable Transport

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What is "sustina" ?

  • High reliability
  • High aveilability
  • Low Life Cycle Cost
  • Eco-friendliness

The new brand name of stainless steel railcars manufactured by J-TREC.

A blended word from "SUS" which means stainless steel in Japan Industrial Standard and "sustainable".

The sustina Technology for Sustainable Transport

fig:The sustina Technology

High Corrosion-Resistance

  • Painting can be omitted
    ->Related maintenance and paint facility not necessary
  • Carbody deterioration is extremely limited
    ->Long service life

High Strength

  • Achieved by Temper Rolling processing
  • Structure design for energy-absorbing giving excellent crash performance
  • Superior fatigue strength

High Melting Point

  • Realizes high fire-resistance performance

3R(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Disused carbody shell recycled and reused as raw material for new carbody

Low Life Cycle Cost

  • Material cost of carbody shell is lower than aluminum alloy
  • Low energy consumption due to light weight carbody resulting in low operating cost.
  • High reliability, low maintenance cost
  • Extremely graffiti-resistant

State-of-the-art technologies applied to sustina

  • Advanced Preventive Maintenance system applicable
  • Highly reliable parts and subsystems
  • Fault-tolerant design for major equipment
  • System design with low maintenance cost
  • Simple bogie structure based on proven design



Various Styles to suit your needs

Sustina is a very versatile product platform allowing large number of configurations and designs.

Car dimension, train consist, number of doors, running performance…many of the design variables are left up to your specification for greater flexibility.

Sustina can be proposed and custom-designed to fit your specific needs, on-time and on-budget.

Basic Three Categories of Design

Sustina Commuter / Sustina Regional / Sustina Intercity

sustina HYBRID

J-TREC is the pioneer for design and manufacturing of Hybrid railcars in the World. First Hybrid railcar for service operation was rolled out in 2007 and it has been accumulating higher reliability up to today.

We have two line-up of hybrid railcars called “sustina Diesel Hybrid” and “sustina Battery Hybrid”.

Click below for more details.

Hybrid Train Series

Sustina Diesel Hybrid / Sustina Battery Hybrid

Reference Projects

sustina surely meets our client’s expectation and contribute to the passenger transportation. You can see various specifications of railcars suited for passenger services in each region.

Click below for introduction of some projects and outline specification of railcars.



Evolution of our stainless steel railcars

J-TREC is the leading rolling stock manufacturer that has been producing stainless steel railcars since 1958.

Upper left of the picture below shows the first stainless steel car in Japan, manufactured by us in 1958.

It is now preserved in our company’s premises as Mechanical Engineering Heritage.

It is still shining more than half a century later.

As of April 2014, cumulative production of our stainless railcars reached 12,622 cars. Many have been exported to overseas market.

Our stainless steel cars have been progressively advanced over half a century.

As a result, the new stainless steel cars "sustina" with advanced technology are now making their debut.