■1st April,2014     Niitsu Plant has been added to the “Locations”.
■18th March,2014     J-TREC has established its corporate mark
■25th October,2013     Acceptance of design work orders for energy saving refurbishment
■19th June,2013     J-TREC and Alstom sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Business Cooperation in Japanese Light Rail Transit System
■13th May, 2013    Our West Japan Branch has moved to new address.
■10th April,2013 J-TREC and Tokyu Corporation Jointly Announce the Completion of Sustina Prototype Car
■12th September, 2012 J-TREC to Introduce Sustina Stainless Steel Railcars
■30th July, 2012 Our Tokyo office has moved to new address.
■2nd April, 2012 Establish Announcement of New Company,the Organization and Management structure

Learn more about sustina, the next generation of stainless steel railcar.

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